Unforgettable Alaska by Garrison Keillor

The creator of the Minnesota Public Radio show 'A Prairie Home Companion' muses on Alaska's sense of place: its impressive landscapes, its opportunities for adventure, and its intriguing people.

Many places you might travel to are a lot like many other places, but Alaska stands out absolutely, and so you remember it for years afterward, even without photographs, the mountain ranges along the Inside Passage, the harbor of Skagway, the glaciers, Mount Denali, the moose on a trail in the city of Anchorage, and if you’re lucky enough to meet Alaskans up close, you’ll remember them too. The state attracts adventurers, and even we cautious travelers can contemplate bigger things such as hiring a bush pilot to land us on a wilderness lake and leave us there for a week without ever seeing another human. It’s possible here. Or you can sit in a café in Fairbanks and listen to old adventurers reminisce. Everyone in Alaska has a story.  

~Garrison Keillor

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