Holiday supports literacy education at local “ScrabbleBee”

Image: Holiday supports literacy education at local “ScrabbleBee”
Holiday Vacations competes against other word-savvy Scrabble squads to improve literacy in our area.

Holiday Vacations is sponsoring a team of employees to join Eau Claire, WI’s 17th Annual ScrabbleBee, presented by Literacy Chippewa Valley April 19, 2018.

Literacy Chippewa Valley offers adults in our area an opportunity to acquire the literacy skills they need to improve their lives through learning programs carefully tailored to each individual. These services are completely free!

We’re looking forward to competing against other word-savvy Scrabble squads to benefit individuals and families in our area.

At the ScrabbleBee, sponsored teams all over West-Central Wisconsin gather in a conference center for competitive games of Scrabble, but the rules are a little different! Teams of players race against the clock to produce the highest-scoring combination of words. Each round gets more challenging as letter tiles are removed but may be returned for a small donation.

Holiday Vacations thanks Literacy Chippewa Valley for improving literacy in our area of Wisconsin.

Learn more about Literacy Chippewa Valley here!

Meet the Holiday Vacations team!

Renee, Ginger, Vicki, and Tyler.

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